We have a collection of over 5000 railroad logos in our files. We can print these logos or a road name or both onto the dial for you at no extra charge. We can also print your company name, logo, or anything for that matter on the dial free of charge. While it is true that most railroads did not display a logo on their clocks or watches it is still a very popular option for many of our customers who for sentimental reasons want to see the herald when they look at the clock. Some of these men have over 40 years of railroad service and are retiring with a company that they don't really like. They usually want a clock that reminds them of the railroad that they signed on with. We offer the custom designed service for this reason. 
To order a special clock just call 905-901-4778 and tell us what you want. We can add a logo to three dial choices: arabic, roman numeral and 24 hour. On the World and No.2 models the logo appears above the numeral 6. On the Standard model the logo appears below the numeral 12. 
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Great Northern Union Pacific Chicago Northwestern

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