Standard Depot Clock
24 inches tall, 16 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep, 16 lbs weight 
If you have spent any time in a railroad station you would have come across this jewel of a clock originally produced by Seth Thomas under the name of “The 12 Inch Drop Octagon”. It was so commonly used that it was referred to as “The Standard”  
Like all of our station clocks, The Standard is crafted from solid, quarter sawn white oak, with an exquisite hand rubbed finish that brings out its rich warmth.  We wish that every one who reads this could hold the case themselves, and run their hands across the smooth finish to truly appreciate our work. But what about what you can't see? The joining methods we use are hidden, you won't see v nails holding the octagon together because we use the Pistorious system that drives the nail between the joint.  Not only is it stronger, but you can't see it!  It's more expensive and time consuming but we think it's worth it.  And in 50 years, so will you.  

The movement pictured above is a German eight day, key wound movement that comes with our lifetime warranty. It is manufactured by Hermle in Germany, one of the finest movement makers in the world.  You will really enjoy opening the solid brass bezel once a week and winding the movement with the solid brass key.  Everything you touch on this clock is quality and once a week for the rest of your life you'll experience that.

$495 US (delivery included)

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