Canadian Pacific Station Clock  
Bradley Woodworks, 880 Birch Ave, Milton, Ontario, Canada L9T 3Z2; 905-901-4778; website: www.bradleywoodworks.com. US$375.00, plus US$35.00 shipping. 
For years I've been looking for an authentic railroad station clock. Not being one to settle, I had no interest in some of the "phony" station clocks that occasionally appear in department stores and mail-order catalogs with their imitation wood cases and battery-powered quartz movements. I was after the real thing - a solid wood case, key-wound movement, swinging pendulum and all. Well, I still have not found an authentic antique railroad station clock for sale, but I have found a wonderful reproduction that I'm proud to hang on my wall. Made by Bradley Woodworks, it is a beautifully crafted, limited-edition repro-duction of a Canadian Pacific station clock. 

The solid oak case is patterned after a 100-year-old Seth Thomas World Regulator wall clock lent to Bradley Woodsworks by the Canadian Pacific Railway archives. Bradley Woodworks produced a very limited run of 100 reproduction station clocks for the CPR when it celebrated its 100th anniversary 18 years ago, and now the Canadian Pacific has authorized Bradley Woodworking to produce another limited run of CPR clocks featuring the new CPR beaver logo. The quality of the woodwork on the clock is outstanding. All of the joints meet perfectly and the finish is excellent. The oak case measures 32" in overall length and is four-and-a-half inches deep. It features a 16'/2" wide octagonal frame at the top that surrounds a twelve-inch diameter, light-beige face. The lower portion of the case, which houses the pendulum, is ten inches wide and 16" long. It has a glass window that shows off the pendulum movement. 

The 24-hour clock face sports large black Roman numerals and smaller, corresponding Arabic numbers 13 through 24. It also has the words "Canadian Pacific Railway" and the Canadian Pacific beaver shield logo neatly printed below the center of the dial. Above the center of the dial is a small secondhand with the time marked off in ten-second increments. The rim around the glass face and all of the trim hardware is made of solid brass. 

A German-made, eight-day, spring-wound movement powers the clock hands. The only assembly that is required is to attach the pendulum to the clock movement. A simple sheet of instructions comes with the clock and covers this step, as well as adjusting the clock so that it keeps the correct time. On the bottom of the pendulum there is a small brass nut that can be screwed either up or down to adjust the speed of the pendulum, which in turn adjusts the speed of the clock. My clock required very little adjustment and once set up, all that it needs is to be wound weekly with the key that comes with it. 

This is a beautifully made clock that should provide years of service and, while it could easily be the perfect finishing touch for a railroad room or den, it is also attractive enough to be hung in any living room. Each limited-edition, numbered clock comes with a certificate of authenticity and is carefully packed and shipped directly from the manufacturer. It includes a five-year warranty. Bradley Woodworks has also announced plans to produce reproductions of other railroads' station clock;. including the Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Nickel Plate, as well as a Seth Thomas Vo.2, in the future. –CHRIS D’AMATO 


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