SFRH&MS Receives Commission From Sale of Accurate Seth Thomas Santa Fe Clock Reproductions 

Bradley Woodworks of Milton, Ontario, Canada, is offering The Santa Fe Railway Historical & modeling Society an 8% commission for the sale of reproduction Seth Thomas World Regulator station clocks. The clocks are similar to an original model used by Santa Fe Railway. Bradley Woodworks has been producing high-quality Canadian Pacific Railway reproduction docks for nearly 20 years, and recently completed a highly successful public offering of CPR World Regulator model clocks that were advertised in Trains magazine (CPR purchased 222 of the 400 in the batch. and the remaining 178 were sold to collectors within days after the ad appeared in Trains.) 

Mark Bradley, owner of Bradley Woodworks, tells me he has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in tooling to create brass parts faithful to the original Seth Thomas clocks manufactured more than a century ago. The only difference between the 1999 version and those produced by Seth Thomas is the originals were double key wind clocks that could keep time for 15 days.  The Bradley reproduction is a single key wind, 8-day, German-built movement, guaranteed for five years. 

Each Santa Fe World Regulator will have a "Santa Fe Railway System Standard Dial" with Montgomery minute numbering. Henry S. Montgomery was Santa Fe Railway's general watch and clock inspector from 1896 to 1923, and by 1906 perfected a dial with upright minutes, from 1 to 60, printed on the outermost part of pocket watch and clock dials. Unlike the smaller and more widely used Santa Fe standard station clock - with identical dimensions except for a shorter pendulum and six-inch shorter pendulum box - World Regulators have a printed circle on the dial, containing a second hand. The circle is located above the center shaft holding the minute and hour hands. The specifications for this reproduction are also faithful to the original clocks. The reproductions are 33 inches long, 16 inches wide and 5 inches deep.  Made of a white oak to get a similar tight grain pattern to the wood used by Seth Thomas, the wood is quarter-sawn, stained to give it an accurate amber color, covered in two coats of lacquer, and finally, hand rubbed. These clocks weigh 21 pounds, and each is numbered and identified by a certificate of authenticity. 

What I find remarkable is the price. The Santa Fe World Regulator reproduction clocks are $375.00 (U.S.), plus $35.00 for shipping.  Currency fluctuations have made it possible to purchase a reproduction clock for a fifth (or less) of the price of an original in good condition. In my 20-year career with Santa Fe and Burlington Northern Santa Fe I had the good fortune to be around and observe many of the railroad's clocks. Bradley Woodworks reproduction clocks are excellent for all anyone who is interested in a functional time piece that accurately celebrates the rich heritage of the railroad we all enjoy. To order call 905-901-4778, or write Bradley Woodworks 880 Birch Ave, Milton, Ontario, Canada L9T 3Z2. In order for the SFRH&MS to receive a commission on each clock sold, you MUST mention that you are a member of the SFRH&MS and give Your membership number to Mark Bradley when you order your clock. -Mike Martin


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