Ronald DeAngelis   
122 Suffolk Avenue   
Revere, MA 02151-3841   
December 26 2001   

Dear Mr. Bradley,  

For me Christmas Eve 2001 will always hold many warm and kind memories. When UPS rang my doorbell on December 24th I had no idea of the pleasant surprise that awaited me. The feelings I experienced will be thoughts that I will have for life, and for that gift I thank you. I also want to thank you for remembering your promise and for the clock itself. Nothing you could say in your advertising could adequately describe the quality, attention to detail, and pride in craftsmanship this clock exhibits. It is everything and more than described in your promotional literature. The quality is second to none. I know that someday a Bradley Clock will command a higher hammer price than any Seth on the auction block.     You and Matt have succeeded in producing a museum quality reproduction; not a single detail has gone unnoticed. The wood. joinery, and quality of the dial are tremendous.  The dial has top quality screening and until the dial is touched one would almost believe it is porcelain.  I am proud to prominently display your clock among my Seth Thomas collection of antique drop octagons, #2's, Worlds and Globes. It belongs in the collection and if it weren't for the shiny brass one would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Bradley Woodworks has provided the public an opportunity to own an antique without the problems of first having to find one and then having to get it restored and running.   

Again, many, many kind thanks and I wish you every success.   

Ronald DeAng  


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